Billets / Ingots

Shri Khatu Shyam produces Ingots and Billets at its sister concern unit as per requirement of TMT Bars considering quality aspects. Shri Khatu Shyam is located in Silvassa.


The first step of Billet or Ingots production is of procurement of sponge iron. Best quality sponge iron is procured and stored in the Raw Material Yard. This sponge iron is later fed to the furnace by a giant crane. The sponge iron is melted by the induction furnace at a high temperature. The plant has two induction furnaces of high capacities. The furnaces are run by a power station which is controlled via computerized systems. These systems are Electrotherm India Ltd. Make, the best in the industry.

After the quality of the molten iron is insured, the furnace tilts and pours it into a ladle manoeuvred by a crane. The crane moves this ladle towards the caster and pours the molten iron into it. The caster then casts the molten iron into Continuous Casts. These casts are cooled with the help of water and air pressure and form the billets of required size.

As the billets pass towards the cooling bed, they are accurately cut into the required size by a team of expert foremen. Finally, the hot billets are laid on the cooling bed, where they cool down and get ready for being transported to the Rolling Mill.

TMT Bars

KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars are accepted internationally and are superior to conventional cold twisted deformed bars or TOP STEEL Bars. Majority of the Central and State Government Departments, Construction and infrastructure Houses as also Quality Monitoring Agencies accept the same.

KHATU THERMEX TMT BARS are manufactured in our plant at Silvassa in the range of 08 MM to 32 MM in diameter and in grades , Fe-500, Fe-500 D Fe-550, Fe-550 D As per IS 1786:2008 KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars exhibit high yield strength coupled with high elongation for strength and safety.


To ensure that the end product is of the highest quality, it is important that the raw material is also of the highest quality. To ensure that these standards are met, the company is producing Standard Billets & M.S. Ingots. This is over and above the in-house production.


KHATU Multimedia implies quality, and this is seen from the fact that our product and processes are approved by various reputed groups. All the raw materials as well as finishing products are tested as per IS and Thermex Specifications at our well-equipped Chemical and Physical labs, Test Certificates are Issued with every delivery. KHATU Thermex TMT Bars are manufactured conforming to various international standards. Vis IS 1786:2008 grade Fe-500/500D/550/550D of BIS OF INDIA.

Size Specific Weight BIS Standard Tolerance KHATU THERMEX TMT Re-Bars Tolerance Saving
 mm gm/m gm/m % gm/m % By Weight
8 395 367 To 423 +7 To -7 371 To 383 -3 To -6 5.5 %
10 617 574 To 660 +7 To -7 580 To 598 -3 To -6 5.5 %
12 888 844 To 932 +5 To -5 852 To 861 -3 To -4 4.5 %
16 1580 1501 To 1659 +5 To -5 1517 To 1533 -3 To -4 4.5 %
20 2470 2396 To 2544 +3 To -3 2408 To 2421 -2 To -2.5 2.75 %
25 3850 3935 To 3965 +3 To -3 3754 To 3773 -2 To -2.5 2.75 %
32 6310 6120 To 6499 +3 To -3 6152 To 6184 -2 To -2.5 2.75 %

KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars are available in a wide range of sizes. Regular 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 MM diameter
On order: – 18, 22, 28 MM diameter.

Constituent BIS Standard KHATU THERMAX TMT Re-Bars Tolerance Saving
Fe-500 Fe-500D Fe-550D
C% 0.30 0.25 0.25 0.20 Max
S% 0.055 0.040 0.040 0.035 Max
P% 0.055 0.040 0.040 0.035 Max
S&P% 0.105 0.075 0.075 0.070 Max
Mechanical Properties Fe-500 Fe-500 D Fe-550 Fe-550 D Percentage Max
0.2% Proof Stress N/mm2 500 525 575 600 Min
Tensile Strength N/mm2 550 600 650 650 Min
Elongation % 14% – 18% 18% – 20% 12% – 18% 16% – 22% Min

KHATU TMT Bars are available in Fe-500/500D/550/550D Grades, which are much stronger than conventional CTD bars and give a 20% stronger concrete structure with the same quantity of steel.

More strength with higher elongation is one of the unique features of KHATU THERMEX TMT bars. It makes no concrete structure not only sound but safe also. KHATU THERMEX TMT bars show up to 50% more elongation than the conventional CTD bars without compromising on strength which makes it safe in earthquake prone areas.

Due to unique feature of elongation KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars display many time bend/reband properties which make it not only easy to work with but also safe in hazardous situations.

KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars show negligible rusting in comparison to cold twisted bars. Even after long period of time. Due to its very special manufacturing process and absence of cold stress it means a longer life of concrete structure i.e. Buildings.

KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars have higher thermal stability in comparison to CTD bar making it safer in fire hazards.

The unique feature of KHATU THERMEX Bar is its high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading on account of high strength of the surface layer.

KHATU Steel is ageing resistant due to the manufacturing process and chemical composition.

KHATU THERMEX Re-Bars have fatigue resistance to Dynamic / Seismic loads due to its higher ductility quality. This makes KHATU THERMEX Bars most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.

Khatu Thermex TMT Bars with low carbon equivalent content can be used for butt/ lap and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.

KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars are the latest on globe THERMEX technology which makes it latest and innovative product.

More strength means more saving too. KHATU THERMEX TMT Bars save steel up to 20%.