What is tmt ?

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) is the world’s most advanced technology in manufacturing of high quality steel. In this method, mild steel is used. The bars are treated after passing through successive stages of rolling to achieve its final shape. A short, intensive but very precise in-line cooling of the rolled bar is imparted in the Thermex process through a proprietary system. This treatment results in a cooled hardened periphery. On further cooling the bar on atmosphere, a thermal exchange (THERMEX) occurs between the core and cooled outside surface whereby the resultant bar structure is a distinct tempered marten site at periphery and a fine grained ferrite-pearlite structure in the central zone. The Thermex Bar produced by the above Quenching and Self-Tempering process (QST) has unique qualities of desired high strength and toughness combined with excellent ductility with bars having elongation (A5) values of 18% to 25%.


Instilling quality and strength in our steel products is our top most priority. To deliver only the best products, we ensure that quality is a part of the entire process right from the selection of the raw material till the manufacturing of our product.

It gives us the advantage of:

Superior product with consistent quality
Higher elongation combined with high yield strength
High thermal stability resisting loss of strength at high temperature (400-600o C) during fires
Earthquake resistant
High weld ability & bendability
Bond strength & resistance strengthening


Facility to roll special length customised as per your requirements
Manufactured in an ultramodern fully automatic plant
Higher tensile strength than its standard results in a stronger construction and infrastructure
Each TMT bar has a fixed weight as per ISI standard
Complete Physical and Chemical best of raw material and TMT bar
KhatuThermex has minimum deterioration rate because of its chemical composition
Customers get better quality at low cost as per saving of steel